9. Tokenization

Wealth Generation

Fractional Tokenization Ownership

HOFS will be fractionalizing and offering ownership of the virtual stud farms through HOFS tokens to enable collectors and investors to monetize and generate an income in the HOFS metaverse. This is an opportunity for anyone that did not manage to secure an NFT to participate and own part of the Crypto Friesian Metaverse that aligns with the company’s vision of enriching people’s lives through Friesians.
HOFS will also offer selected fractionalized ownership in their premium broodmare breeding program and any foals born on the studfarms. Investors of a Crypto Friesian NFT will be able to participate in the selection of suitable KFPS approved stallions for the HOF Broodmare Breeding Program.
Where possible in a post Covid19 environment, NFT collectors & investors will be invited to the HOFS stud farms to attend KFPS official Inspections (Keurings), virtual competitions or witness the birth of these rare Friesian foals.
The HOFS team believes the excitement, immense joy, and pride in owning a Friesian horse is unforgettable and wants to share this experience with other people passionate about the Friesian breed.
All Friesian foals born at our studfarms are registered by the KFPS under the protected Stable Name “Stal De Fryslan” (Dutch translation for “House of Friesian”) that includes issuing of passport and pedigree papers, microchipping, DNA bloodline verification and genetic testing for inherited diseases.
The broodmares will be professionally managed on the studfarms with the vision to breed an approved licensed breeding stallion (very rare!) and to campaign HOFS performance Friesians to World Cup and Olympic representation.
All foals born with the “Stal De Fryslan” stud name and not retained by HOFS for breeding or stallion licensing inspection will be offered for sale in our Sport Performance Auction to our iNFT collectors & investors for 100% ownership before being offered to the public.
The collector will be able to fractionalize HOFS assets they own in their collection and place it in the DeFi market, thereby diversifying future income streams.