4. Global Equine Industry

Its Huge, really, really huge!

Equine Industry | Global Market Perspective

At $300 Billion per annum supporting 1.6 million jobs, the equine industry (excluding racing) is one of the biggest industries hiding in plain sight. Most people outside (and within) the industry have no idea of the scale. The annual economic impact of the equine industry is significant; combine blockchain & cryptocurrency technologies as well, this value quickly exceeds $2 Trillion. [2]
The Market is spread as follows [c2017]:
U.S.A: $102 billion UK: $6.2 billion
Europe: $133 billion Ireland: $1.3 billion
Canada: $16 billion China: $1.58 billion
Australia: $5 billion
China Demand.
If every club in China imported 10 horses per year to cater to increased membership based on the 1,452 clubs report for 2017, that’s over 14,500 performance horses required by China alone. There are only 2,500-3,000 Friesian foals born each year worldwide excluding a comparable figure of premium warmblood breeds.