15. Operational Readiness

Assurance that Large Complex Projects Can Be Delivered

What is Operational Engagement & Readiness (OER)?

Operational Engagement & Readiness supports large project development processes by providing the framework to deliver the expected operational benefits. Part of the project scope of the OER team covers the preparatory activities required to safely deliver effective systems of work, competent people, and reliable assets. [1]
Project success is not measured by performance against budget and schedule alone but by timely achievement activities that need to be planned and implemented to transition the facilities, plants and assets to an operating business that will achieve the approved business case objectives and specific project deliverables.
The Operational Readiness planning for the company’s overall vision has been in continuous development since 2015. The CEO and Founder of HOFS is certified in OER and has many years’ experience participating in elements of an OER role within the Australian Mining & energy Industries.
Building on the company success of trialing a small Friesian broodmare herd imported from The Netherlands to Asia, the conceptual planning and research studies for intertwining & overlaying the digital metaverse over the global stud farms began in 2019. The Operational Readiness planning for the Global Stud Farms, Crypto Friesian NFT, HOFS Token development and virtual (vHOFS) metaverse encompasses but is not limited to the following areas:
  • Delivering an Operational Readiness team to oversee & guide the projects through the OER phases to handover.
  • Resourcing the technical expertise of its people to bring the HOFS vision to reality,
  • Physical premium bloodstock purchase (The Friesians),
  • Physical farmland purchase (The Studs),
  • Virtual land purchase (3D metaverse world building),
  • Detailed planning for the 2022/ 2023 breeding program,
  • Infrastructure, supply chains and
  • Blockchain development.
Figure 3: Operational Readiness Framework [1]