2. Company Vision

HOFS - Transforming The Future of Friesians
The many faces of Friesians
The team at HOFS wants to connect people together by opening the World of Friesians to everyone, everywhere!
With the rapid maturity of cryptocurrency, DeFi & the blockchain environment during 2021, the HOFS team believes it is now possible to synergize various R&D project elements of the company; bringing together revolutionary ideas to build a Crypto Friesian ecosystem that seamlessly integrates both the physical and virtual worlds to create a user experience that is both exciting and financially rewarding.
Although the ERC20 Token and NFT's are built using Ethereum blockchain technology, HOFS will be building a 3D Friesian metaverse on the Hedera Network [3] that includes virtual stud farms that overlay and complement the physical stud farms. Each virtual stud farm (vHOFS) universe will be different in the “look and feel” (Tropical, Desert, Snow, Beach, etc.) but still retain the same elements of a physical stud farm.
The global HOFS stud farms will have integrated resort facilities that include exclusive accommodation for members, corporate conference facilities, competition areas for physical and virtual arenas, equine veterinary research collaboration, and education hubs.
To realize the company vision, HOFS will be releasing the following digital assets:
  1. 1.
    a Crypto Friesian Foundation collectible series of 10,000 Friesian ERC721a NFT's in July 2022
  2. 2.
    launching the HOFS ERC20 utility Token to be used across the Friesian Metaverse - July 2022.
  3. 3.
    followed by an intelligent (iNFT) collection of 25,000 Crypto Friesian - Studbook NFT artworks in early 2023.