5.1 Crypto Friesians Foundation NFT Collectables

The transformation begins.
The Crypto Friesian Foundation NFT's are 10,000 generative artwork collectables consisting of the following elements and attributes:
  • 125 Friesian Images of HOFS herd imported to Malaysia from photoshoots between 2018-2020.
  • 55 Token Brand Elements derived from the creation of the HOFS Token attributes
  • 37 Background colors that are derived from HOFS style sheet brand colors.
  • 10 rare token "jigsaw" pieces scattered throughout the collection
  • 2 HOFS Tokens showing both sides of the Token.
The Foundation collection is the 1st NFT series that will ONLY DISPLAY the original four Friesian horses of the stud.
The Foundation Collection is a Profile Picture (PFP) collectable with rich utility use cases within both the digital and physical ecosystems of HOFS.
Benefits of holding a HOFS NFT include the following:
  • Access to gated and secure areas of HOFS metaverse
  • Free entry to Physical Studfarms
  • VIP tickets to IRL events hosted at the Studfarms
  • Discounts on limited edition merchandise
  • Passive income opportunities (to be determined by HOFS team)
  • Purchase of a physical Friesian horse
  • NFT-only executive lounge and dining areas of the Studfarms
As the original NFT collection for the company, any additional benefits from future collections will be added to the Foundation Collection ensuring original holders maturing value in a Blue Chip Asset.
HOFS vision melds both physical Studfarms and virtual metaverses together revolving around an exclusive niche that is difficult to penetrate without deep knowledge of the subject matter (specifically premium equine bloodstock ownership).
Our company can offer investors luxurious utility diversity across company products and the leverage to enter the premier world of rare equines to become a member of an exclusive club – The House of Friesian.