14. RoadMap

Connecting All The Studfarms Together

HOFS Studfarm Roadmap

HOFS applies a standardization to every business decision when evaluating a suitable region to build the sister Studfarms. From selecting a Greenfields site to project handover from the Operational Readiness team usually takes 24-36 months.
Over the next decade as the company fund raising targets for each Global Studfarm are achieved, the Operational readiness team will kick-off the project. The HOFS s OER team plan to commission each Stud Farm project every 12-18 months from successful opening of the previous stud.
High-level breakdown of the process includes the following elements:
  • Investor Funding
  • Architecture Engagement
  • Land acquisition
  • Project Management
  • Friesian Acquisition
  • Transport Logistics
  • Project Handover
  • Opening Performance