5.2 Crypto Friesian Studbook NFT Collectables

Intelligent and Interactive
The 2nd NFT series focuses on building the premium HOFS brand; expanding the collection to collaborate with the wider KFPS Friesian Studbook members.
HOFS will be releasing a collection of 25,000 intelligent & interactive Crypto Friesian Studbook artworks (iNFT) that acts as a membership to exclusive areas in HOFS metaverse and across the StudFarm ecosystems
The interactive Studbook Collection builds upon the Foundation Collection with multiple interactive layers interwoven with 3D Friesian avatars which introduces a richly immersive experience for the NFT holder.
The high-quality digital Friesian photographic image collection is rich in metadata, holding over 1,000 different attributes across six metadata layers. All NFT images and metadata will be permanently stored in IPFS.
The Crypto Friesian Studbook iNFT will stand out from other static collections as the owners will be able to interact and display any layer they choose. Our technical team will be coding the iNFT to offer an immersive user experience for future capability in the metaverse and utility functions amongst popular gaming worlds.
The iNFT collector will be able to visit the physical stud farms and use augmented and virtual reality technology to bring their iNFT Crypto Friesian to interact in the physical stud environment. The iNFT is the collector’s membership to access exclusive content in both the physical & virtual stud farms.
The HOFS technical team will build a suite of online applications on the blockchain that will be easy for the collector to manage their entire Friesian assets; accessible in one place whether it’s in the physical or virtual worlds.
For example, any HOFS exclusive merchandise available in the virtual world for the collector or their physical equines can be uniquely created for them in the physical world by HOFS collaboration with highly skilled artisans to manufacture unique pieces of work. This can be a beautiful haute couture “Gucci”-inspired trunk to store all your equestrian gear, a bespoke saddle or monogrammed bridle.
Any Crypto Friesian Studbook iNFT asset the collector owns will be able to interact as part of the global Friesian herd.
Figure 4: iNFT LAYERS - For Illustrative Purposes Only