6.1 Virtual Studfarms

Virtual Stud Farms | vHOFS

HOFS will be building six (6) different virtual worlds (vHOFS) representing future HOFS physical stud farms that users can easily join and interact in daily equine life. Though the Friesian horse originated in the northern Dutch province of Friesland, the European Stud will be located within the fertile equestrian farmlands of Normandy, France. This location has been recognized by the Kings of France for centuries as the best environment for the development of horses in the region.
The users can explore the stud environment, visit all the different areas of the stud including the Friesian barns, breeding barns, feeding and hay barns, exercise arenas, showering and grooming stations. The collector can purchase accessories for their Friesians in the HOFS tack shop, enter competitions and find rewards hidden throughout the metaverse to earn HOFS tokens.
A "Pokémon" inspired HOFS game is one of many in-house games under development and will be released as the team ramps up to deliver experiences to our fans.