1. Introduction

Official Whitepaper, Last updated July 2022.
Royal Friesian Horses of the Dutch Royal Family


House of Friesian Stud (HOFS) is a premium Friesian Sport Horse and breeding Stud Farm that specializes in the breeding and sales of Dutch Friesian Horses that are registered in the oldest Royal Dutch horse studbook in the Netherlands (c1879) - De Koninklijke Vereniging "Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek" known as the KFPS (www.kfps.nl). The KFPS was given Royal endorsement 100 years after incorporation; Princess Beatrice of The Netherlands is the current Royal Patron of the Studbook.
HOFS international operations span Australia (c2010) and Asia (c2018) with a vision to build six global stud farms within the next decade. The next HOFS Stud Farm is scheduled to be built in Europe 22H2 to take advantage of proximity to premier Friesian breeding Studs and European Stallion Stations.
Recognized as the most beautiful horse in the world, Friesians are also one of the rarest. There are approximately 70,000 Friesians registered by the KFPS out of 58 Million horses, placing Friesians at less than 0.12% of the total world equine population. Physical access & ownership of these spectacular equines is extremely difficult and beyond the reach of billions of people.
Royal Friesians Under Carriage
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